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Aloha and welcome to Hawai'i Green Jobs Initiative featuring current green job openings in Hawaii, information about local green training programs and training providers, and Hawaii's green labor market. This portal is a service of the Hawaii State Department of Labor and Industrial Relations (DLIR) which is responsible for ensuring and increasing the economic security, well-being, and productivity of Hawaii's workers.

Green Jobs Hawaii

Hawaii experiences unique challenges in converting from a State that is 90% dependent on imported oil to one that meets the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative vision of being 70% reliant on renewable energy by 2030. As energy sector participants develop energy efficient and renewable energy solutions, a strategic consideration is the availability and reliability of Labor Market Information (LMI).

The Hawaii Green Jobs Initiative is part of the Department of Labor & Industrial Relations’ (DLIR) Research & Statistics Office. Launched in December 2009 with federal funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), the program aims to assist the State of Hawaii transition to a greener economy. Our partners include a Green Workforce Intelligence Network composed of government and industry representatives.

The goal of the Hawaii Green Jobs Initiative is to generate baseline employment estimates and projections in which education and training providers can be confident. Products will include: occupation and skills reports for industries, industry sectors, and state and local areas; a dedicated green sector website; asset map of green employers and training providers; new career pathways and rapid reemployment tools; and training and awareness outreach activities.

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Labor Market Information

Data Sources
Occupational Wage Rates: Hawaii Dept. of Labor and Industrial Relations, Research and Statistics Office, OES BLS (State & Hon) and LEWIS (Other Counties)
The median wage is the estimated 50th percentile; 50 percent of workers in an occupation earn less than the median wage, and 50 percent earn more than the median wage. Entry level and Experienced wage rates represent the means of the lower 1/3 and upper 2/3 of the wage distribution, respectively. Data is from a semiannual survey.
Top Occupations Advertised Online: Online advertised jobs data