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Aloha and welcome to Hawai'i Green Jobs Initiative featuring current green job openings in Hawaii, information about local green training programs and training providers, and Hawaii's green labor market. This portal is a service of the Hawaii State Department of Labor and Industrial Relations (DLIR) which is responsible for ensuring and increasing the economic security, well-being, and productivity of Hawaii's workers.



HireNetHawaii provides a wide variety of core employment services to individuals via the internet, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, from any location with internet access. Job seekers are able to create and post their resumes online, find available jobs in Hawaii, assess their skills, get career information, review the latest labor market data, locate suitable training, and much more. With a search engine that “spiders” company and government websites, newspaper postings, and corporate job boards for employment opportunities in Hawaii, job seekers have access to the largest job bank in the State at no cost.

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Hawaii Workforce Infonet (HIWI)

Click here to go to HIWIHIWI is Hawaii's labor market information system maintained by the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations' Research and Statistics Office. It is specifically designed for employers, job seekers, researchers and analysts, and others seeking economic and workforce information. HIWI provides easy access to a complete set of data tools in one web site.

Examples of HIWI features that help employers, job seekers, and researchers and analysts include:

For Employers

  • Workforce and economic data
  • Education and training
  • Affirmative Action (EEO)
  • Occupational wages
  • Post job openings
  • Find workers

For Jobseekers

  • Find employers near you
  • Education and training
  • Career assistance
  • Find a job

For Researchers & Analysts

  • Occupational data
  • Industry data
  • Area data
  • Local Employment Dynamics
  • Workforce data and reports

Labor and Occupational Information Hawaii (LOIHI)

Click here to go to LOIHI.LOIHI is the Research and Statistics Office's page on the Department of Labor & Industrial Relations web site. It provides information and links that can help with research, business planning, job search and career decisions. In addition to the information provided in HIWI, the Hawaii CRCS, and Career Kokua, LOIHI provides information on

      • Minimum Wage (Hawaii and Federal)
      • Wage Rate Schedule (Chapter 104, HRS)
      • Unemployment Claims Data
      • Unemployment Insurance Statistics
      • Work Injuries and Illnesses
      • Fatal Occupational Injuries
      • Number and Incidence Rates
      • Workers' Compensation Data
      • Act 68 Worker Shortages in the Construction Industry

Kumu A'o, The Hawaii Consumer Report Card System (CRCS)

Click here to go to Kumu A'o, the Hawaii Consumer Report Card System.Education is a product like any other. In exchange for students' money and effort, training institutions should provide programs that increase students' skills and knowledge. Theoretically, these new skills and knowledge will improve chances of finding work and succeeding at lifelong learning.

In the past, Hawaii consumers had little concrete data to rely upon when making educational decisions. That is why the Kumu A'o System was developed. Kumu A'o, the Hawaii Consumer Report Card System, provides information to help consumers make informed decisions about training providers and training programs.

Kumu A'o, the CRCS, is the State of Hawaii's WIA Eligible Training Provider List.The data in Kumu A'o can be extremely valuable if used wisely. Users, along with their counselors, should review the information to determine which program and training provider might benefit them the most.

Career Kokua The Hawaii Career Information Delivery System

Click here to go to Career Kokua.Career Kokua, the Hawaii Career Information Delivery System, is a computerized system of career and related educational information. Its mission is to provide localized current information for career decision making and career planning and quality localized career information to Hawaii's schools and career development agencies.

Career Kokua can help individuals learn about . . .

  • 499 local Occupations covering 90% of the employment available in the state
  • Self-employment opportunties
  • Hawaii's 30 Industries and the services and products they provide
  • over 800 Programs of Study and Training in Hawaii and the types of degrees and certificate programs available
  • 100 local licensed and accredited schools and training agencies
  • Job seeking and Job keeping strategies
  • 200 Community Resources willing to provide first-hand career information activities and learning opportunities.

Career Kokua provides an excellent start in the career exploration and planning process. It can give one a better sense of self, career goals, and the decisions affecting the achievement of these goals. Career Kokua includes career assessments which are used to link one's self-reported preferences to occupations.

Anyone interested in using Career Kokua should see their counselor of teacher. Or, go to the nearest Workforce Development Office or One-Stop Career Center.

Labor Market Information

Data Sources
Occupational Wage Rates: Hawaii Dept. of Labor and Industrial Relations, Research and Statistics Office, OES BLS (State & Hon) and LEWIS (Other Counties)
The median wage is the estimated 50th percentile; 50 percent of workers in an occupation earn less than the median wage, and 50 percent earn more than the median wage. Entry level and Experienced wage rates represent the means of the lower 1/3 and upper 2/3 of the wage distribution, respectively. Data is from a semiannual survey.
Top Occupations Advertised Online: Online advertised jobs data